Garnet Edwards, Jr. played football and track in WVU, and he was mentioned as a top all-around athlete in football, basketball, and track. He had an outstanding track season as a freshman in 1976, breaking the WVU record in the high hurdles four times in that year. In 1977 he finished 7th in the nation at the NCAA Track and Field Championships in Eugene, Ore. That spring he became an Olympic hopeful in track. In 1978 he finished second in the nation in the 60-yard hurdles indoors and finished seventh in the 110 meter outdoor hurdles. He was invited to participate in the International Freedom games in Philadelphia and finished third. He held the mark at 13s for the 110 meter high hurdles, also finished second at the IC4A's in Philadelphia. All of these made him one of the top three hurdlers in the United States and an Olympic prospect for 1980. In his football career, Garnet played defensive back as a freshman in 1976. In 1977, Edwards was number three flanker behind Cedric Thomas and James Scruggs. In 1978, Garnet was listed as the number two receiver behind star Steve Lewis. He was a speedy wide receiver, had a spectacular 38-yard catch against Colorado State, and ran five end-arounds for 42 yards. Garnet was a triple letterman in football, basketball, and track at Welch High School.