West Virginia University First Women's Basketball Team (1973-1974)
West Virginia University First Women�s Basketball Team (1973-1974)

A Brief History of Women’s Basketball at West Virginia University

Women’s basketball was established at West Virginia University under Coach Kittie Blackmore, in 1973-1974. The team’s initial games were played at the Coliseum and played under A.I.A.W rules. At first, WVU played its games against teams from West Virginia and Pennsylvania, before moving to an independent schedule from the 1978-1979 season. During its first three years playing this new schedule the team would finish below .500. It was during the following season (1981-1982) the team ended this streak with its first 20 win season. The team included African-American stars such as J.D. Drummonds, Cathy Parson, and Olivia Bradley.