Price was a highly regarded basketball player throughout the state of West Virginia. He was named first team All-State and second team All-American at Charleston High School. In his senior year, he led the team to the state AAA basketball championship. Price's greatest asset was his defensive ability. He had very quick hands and seemed to rattle the opposing players. This made him an excellent troublemaker.

When he came to WVU, much of his playing time depended on his knee. He had an operation his freshman year and it bothered him a lot his sophomore year as evidenced by his average of 5.8. He pulled down 95 rebounds and dished out 28 assists. Price's natural position seemed to be forward, even at 6-foot-1, although he played mostly in the backcourt his sophomore year. He had tremendous spring in his legs to make him a natural forward, but with his smaller height it was hard for him to play 40 minutes in heavy traffic. Returning his junior year he was considered one of the most versatile Mountaineers. It was believed he could play anywhere but center.